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Fun Stuff

Attention and Working Memory

Do we have selective attention? Do we all have “attention deficits”? or are they “working memory” challenges?

Let’s try this little experiment, conceived by Simons and Chabris for their classic study on sustained inattentional blindness (1999).You will watch a brief video clip, and your challenge is to count the total number of times that the basketballs change hands.

Cognitive Skills Survey

BBC Mental Agility Tests – Just for Fun

Is your brain as efficient as it could be or is there room for improvement? Have a go at these four mental agility tests.

After you've completed each test an age will be generated based on the average performance of a sample group of volunteers by the BBC. The youngest age you can score is 18 and the oldest is 75.

These tests were produced in consultation with experimental psychologist Dr Stian Reimers, City University London and neuropsychologist Dr Catherine Loveday, University of Westminster.

Main Website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00tt325/features/test-your-mental-agility

The Neuroscience of Illusion
How tricking the eye reveals the inner workings of the brain.
It’s a fact of neuroscience that everything we experience is actually a figment of our imagination. Although our sensations feel accurate and truthful, they do not necessarily reproduce the physical reality of the outside world........<click to read more>
(Excerpts from Scientific American Mind and Brain, May 28 2008)Fun_Stuff_Illusions.htmlFun_Stuff_Illusions.htmlFun_Stuff_Illusions.htmlshapeimage_11_link_0shapeimage_11_link_1
Brain Awareness Week
Spot the Difference
Mind Your Ps & Qs
Ugly Mugs
Test Your Memory

Are there more connections in the brain or leaves in the Amazon?

Question: What is this picture to the left? How many do we have? How many connections can each have?

Answer: According to the London-based Science Museum “Your brain is the hub of your nervous system. It is made up of 100 billion nerve cells — about the same as the number of trees in the Amazon rainforest. Each cell is connected to around 10,000 others. So the total number of connections in your brain is the same as the number of leaves in the rainforest — about 1000 trillion”.

Enjoy the view: Your Brain

Snake Wheels Illusion

Take the Senses Challenge

This is a very fun link to a series of 20 timed puzzles put together by the BBC. It should take you about 10 minutes or less to complete.

Link to original puzzle at www.bbc.com: The Senses Challenge