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Is Poor Attention Holding Your Child Back?

Here are some of the common symptoms that parents often report to us when they come to see us:

  • My child has difficulty paying attention and focusing.

  • My child makes careless mistakes.

  • It is very difficult for my child to stay focused on and finish homework or other tasks.

  • My child rarely completes an activity before moving to the next activity.

  • Even when spoken to directly, my child seems to not listen.

  • My child is always disorganised and late even with my help.

  • My child loses things necessary for tasks or activities, such as toys, homework assignments, pencils, and books.

  • My child tries to avoid activities or does them grudgingly if they require sustained concentration and a lot of mental effort.

  • My child frequently forgets to do things, even when constantly reminded.

  • My child always seems to be fidgeting in the chair or moving around.

  • My child talks a lot, even when she/he has nothing much to say.

  • My child often disrupts the classroom because s/he has difficulty engaging in quiet activities without disturbing others.

  • In class or at home, my child blurts out answers to questions before they are fully asked.

  • My child has difficulty waiting patiently to take turns and grabs toys from playmates.

Attention issues can block your child achieving their true potential.  Difficulties with attention control affect all aspects of your child's life: school, homework, exam performance, friendships, emotional control and memory among others.

Our cognitive training programs address Attention at its root cause. Neuroscientifc research shows that attention is a combination of three separate but related skills or abilities: sustained attention (staying on task), selective attention (paying attention to important things and ignoring others), and divided attention (splitting attention between tasks).



Attention is complex with no single treatment solution.  Our own peer-reviewed research shows the massive, permanent changes we achieve in improving attention.  At The Brain and Learning, we have worked successfully with hundreds of students with poor attention.  Our intense, targeted cognitive skills training improves attention, and other cognitive skills rapidly and permanently.


Our patented programs strengthen the key parts of the brain your child needs to focus and perform in school and life as a whole. Results are real, measurable and permanent.


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