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My Child Has Reading Struggles. What Can I Do?

Common Symptoms Of Reading Struggles

  • Struggles pronouncing new words

  • Weak at letter sound discrimination

  • Poor at distinguishing similarities/differences in words

  • Difficulty transfering what is heard to what is seen & vice versa

  • Low reading comprehension

What Are You Observing?

  • Take the time to pen down all your concerns.

  • Remember dyslexia is not just limited to reading and writing issues infact if can affect other skills too.

  • Ask your childs school teacher if they have noticed any inability to decode or memorize sight words or completely avoid reading at all.

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Take the first step today and book a cognitive skills assessment today to find out the underlying causes of your childs reading struggles as our cognitive skills training attacks the root causes of reading struggles by strengthening weak cognitive skills - especially phonemic awareness and auditory processing.

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