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  • More success in school

  • Less time spent doing homework

  • Better memory at school and home

  • An improved attitude about school, homework

  • Greater confidence in every area of life

  • Improved ability to focus

  • Faster mental performance in sports

  • Improved relationships at home

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The Truth About IQ

Our IQ is made up of 7 key cognitive skills.  Each of us has a unique cognitive profile that gives us our strengths and weaknesses.  That's why one person may be great in Maths and find it easy, while another may really struggle in Maths but be a great linguist. 

Are weak cognitive skills holding your child back?

Research shows that the real cause of a person’s ability to learn is his or her cognitive skills’ strength or weakness. If skills are strong, learning comes easily and “naturally.” If skill weaknesses remain hidden, he or she will struggle to learn, stay focused, have difficulty reading, suffer with memory problems or take a long time to complete tests and homework. A professional cognitive skills assessment is the only way to pinpoint the exact underlying causes of any learning difficulty. At The Brain & Learning, we offer an accurate cognitive assessment (with no further obligation) and can help you put this knowledge to use.

With the Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills, we can identify and understand the underlying reasons for each person's learning experiences.

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