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  • What are Cognitive Skills?
    “Cognitive skills” is a fancy term for brain skills or abilities. These are the core skills our brains need in order to think, learn, read, reason, remember, problem solve and pay attention. Altogether, they process any new information we receive and move this to our knowledge bank. We use this knowledge we have acquired in every area of our lives including school and work.
  • How is Brain Training different to tutoring?
    Schools deliver information and rely upon a student’s existing potential to process, retain, and apply this information. If information was not properly processed, parents feel inclined to send their children for tutoring. Research shows that 80% of learning struggles do not occur because information was poorly taught, but because of weak cognitive skills. These weak skills make learning a difficult process no matter how many times that information is repeated.

Tanya Mitchell, Vice President of Research & Development, LearningRx & BrainRx answers your frequently asked questions:

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How is Brain Training different to tutoring?

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