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Every Child Deserves to Succeed in Math!

MathRx is an intensive, comprehensive, personalised Math program with a difference. We develop all the skills necessary for success in maths: foundational numerical cognition, core cognitive skills and higher thinking skills.


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MathRx cognitive results - Pre & Post training.

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We can help the following students who are 

• Unable to recall basic math facts, times tables and formulae automatically.

• Unable or unwilling to complete the math homework on their own.

• Homework often ends in tears for Math (but not necessarily for other subjects).

• They are struggling to understand and remember what they were thought in class, when asked what they have been learning.

• Their grades in math are suffering.

• Negative self-talk such as “I’m just not good at math.”


However, you need not worry we can help. The first step is to take a cognitive skills assessment that can help identify the root cause of Math struggles.

What is Brain Training?

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