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Help Your Child Overcome Learning Struggles in Math!

MathRx stands out as a distinctive, personalised, and all-encompassing mathematics program. We focus on nurturing essential skills for mathematical achievement, including fundamental numerical cognition, core cognitive abilities, and advanced critical thinking skills.

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MathRx cognitive results - Pre & Post training.

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Empower your child to excel in both academic mathematics and life by providing them with:

• Heightened cognitive abilities

• Improved academic performance

• Proficiency in addressing and resolving challenges

• Capacity for proactive planning

• Enhanced executive functioning

• Augmented cognitive prowess

• And, above all, bolstered self-assurance and self-esteem.


However, you need not worry we can help. The first step is to take a cognitive skills assessment that can help identify the root cause of Math struggles.

What is Brain Training?

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